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November 7, 2015

Humane Society of Allen County Now Operated by the Ohio SPCA

The Humane Society of Allen County is now under the management of the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Ohio SPCA). For the past several years, the shelter has struggled to serve the needs of the animals and the community of Allen County. “We thank everyone for all of the work and support that we have received, but the Board of Directors felt that this move provided the best solution for the long-term viability of the shelter,” states Francis Porreca, former President of the HSOAC.

The Ohio SPCA is dedicated to helping animals through the education of adults and children, the elimination of overpopulation, and enforcing zero tolerance of animal cruelty. According to Porreca, “The Ohio SPCA has assisted in the development of our humane law enforcement program through the training and support of four county residents who will serve as humane agents and respond to reports of animal abuse and neglect. Humane Officer Connie Diller has also been assisting with shelter management through her volunteer activities.”

“The former Board of Directors has been comprised of dedicated and compassionate people. The Ohio SPCA is looking forward to their continued support and involvement as the operation of the humane society moves forward,” states Teresa Landon, Ohio SPCA Executive Director. Over the course of the next several months the humane society will be restructured during a transition period with many changes taking place. The mission of the humane society will be fulfilled with existing programs being strengthened and expanded and new programs being added. “The Ohio SPCA will continue to rescue animals across the state, but Allen County animals and residents will receive help through county priority programs,” states Landon.

“It is our vision that the animal shelter become a family destination for people from everywhere to connect with animals of all kinds. As goals are reached, we believe that Allen County will become a shining star and the best place for animals in the State of Ohio,” states Landon.

The no-kill Ohio SPCA is not connected they receive any government funding. To learn more, please visit the Ohio SPCA’s website at www.ohiospca.org