Patches and Friends … Why the HSOAC Exists

The Humane Society of Allen County is more than a home for the homeless, abused and neglected animals of Allen County. Our mission covers much more than providing shelter. The follow three animals came to us recently and are perfect examples of the importance of our mission.

Patches, a sweet kitten, embodies why we do what we do. She is why our staff and volunteers come in every day. Why our Board advocates for your support. Why the HSOAC exists.

Patches - Back Burns

This adorable kitten came to us one recent Saturday with awful burns from what appeared to be candle wax. She lost a lot of fur as a result but despite her injuries this little girl wanted nothing more than to snuggle up and purr. Once she’s healed she’ll be a loving addition to her forever home. You can follow her story on our Facebook page as we post her progress.

11-1-1 Callie b

Little Callie was found in a dumpster. Barely five weeks old this tiny baby was abandoned in the trash. Two kind souls found her and brought her to  us. She’s getting loving care as she learns to walk and play. She has a thick coat and will probably be a long haired beauty when she grows up.

11-1-4 Mandy

Mandy was found tied up outside to our flagpole of all places. Very thin this puppy is extremely loving and even knows some basic commands. We’ll never know why her people left her with us but we’re determined to find her a loving home, hopefully for the holidays.

These stories are why the shelter matters, why your generous support is critical to savings lives and making a difference. If you aren’t already a member please consider joining, if you are a member please renew your commitment to animals like these.

This is your shelter, these are your animals. Won’t you help us so that we can help them and so many others like Patches, Callie and Mandy?


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