Thanks For Your Support

We would like to thank some of generous people who supported the shelter in January & February, we apologize if we have overlooked anyone (online donations may not be listed as reports have not yet been downloaded):

Lima Eagle Riders—Aerie #370

Ladies Night Out

Terry & Virginia Snow

William & Connie Weber

Donald & Janis Bridge

Harry Miller

All About Dogs

Donald & Nancy Luebrecht

Dominion Matching Gift Program

St Luke’s Church

Teresa Irwin

David & Jane Rutledge

Ron & Nila Conner

Carol Gordon

Francis & Helen Scalzi

Terry Mullenhour

Carol Zoller

Bill Hanz

Arthur & Penny Welenken

Evans Pseekos

Diane Laratta

Mr. & Mrs. Youngpeter

Roy & Iwona Reichenbach

WP & Sara WhiteKevin & Cynthia Bruin

Wilhelmine Frueh



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