Community Support Desperately Needed as Organization Struggles to Survive

The Humane Society of Allen County is asking Allen County residents, supporters, sponsors and adoptive pet parents to come together and help in a time of crisis to ensure the survival of the shelter.

Despite gains made during the last year, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is no longer visible and the shelter is in financial dire straits. The annual dip in donations in the first quarter of the year has continued into the second quarter. The low-cost clinic has not generated the funds anticipated and grant funding opportunities continue to be scarce. Therefore the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are considering all options up to and including a complete re-configuration of the organization. Due to the continuing pressure of ever-increasing costs and dwindling revenue, the Humane Society of Allen County is struggling to survive. Without immediate aide from the community the organization may very well not survive.

Over the seventy-eight year history of the organization it has relied upon memberships – both individual and corporate – as the sustainable revenue stream. However today’s economy is not conducive to that type of sustainability. Without regular income the Society is unable to provide medical care for the abused, neglected and unwanted animals of Allen County, much needed building upkeep, an appropriate staffing level and pay bills.

The corporate campaign launched last year never gained steam, a planned annual campaign to generate membership dollars is still under consideration but the need is immediate.

Nearly fifteen years ago the Society asked the residents of Allen County to support building a new shelter and the community responded. The shelter located at 3606 Elida Road is nearly twenty thousand square feet and can comfortably house up to three hundred animals. At the time the building was built however the Society received support from the County and had a membership list of well over three hundred supporters. That has not been the case for more than a decade. The Society receives absolutely no funding from the Allen County Commissioners or any other government entity.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director are diligently working to stimulate support, resurrect membership participation, expand fundraising opportunities and community outreach but help from the community is desperately needed. The shelter is critical to the area due to the large number of abused, neglected and abandoned animals who have no other place to go. It is also critical in dealing with the large number of feral cats and unwanted kittens – other rescues cannot take in all of the Allen County animals in need, particularly the cats. In order to help these animals the shelter must survive. In order to survive the shelter needs immediate help from the community.


For more information about the Humane Society of Allen County please visit the web site:; the Facebook page or call the shelter at 419.991.1775.

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