Zeus’ Pantry – Low Income Pet Care Assistance


Thanks to a seed grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust in 2013 the Humane Society of Allen County was able to launch Zeus’ Pantry.

Named after the big, loveable dog pictured above, Zeus’ Pantry is our way to assist low-income families in keeping their beloved pets in the home during times of economic hardship. The project offers support by providing supplemental pet food, pet parenting guidance, offering low-cost spay and neuter services and basic veterinary care (flea control, vaccinations, etc.). Payment plans are available based on income in order to help offset our costs.

Zeus’ life was harsh and troubled when he came to the shelter. Honoring this big goof ball by helping other pets like him remain in their homes through troubled times allows the Humane Society of Allen County to live the mission through our dedication to the elimination of cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment of animals. We shelter animals in times of need, locate lifelong homes and promote responsible pet ownership through education, legislation and sterilization. Zeus may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on in this great program.

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